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Save multiSlide values?

I'm working with MGI save settings "sample attached below" the problem is that i have simple multi slide "slide control" but i can't restore the two slides value, only one slide is restored!


when i browse the saved config file i fond that the two slides saved under the same name, how can i save that slides values under different names so i can restore them?


attached snippet explain the problem

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can you down convert to 2015 and share ?

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
Certified (LabVIEW || TestStand) Developer
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can't attach zip or vi " i got big red error about extention!"


but here is the sample i'm using , just add slide with 2 or more slides in and see



thank you

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any help for my problem yet?

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You are having problems with a function you installed from the LabVIEW Tools Network that originally came from MooreGoodIdeas (MGI).  I recommend you go to their home page (easily searched) and see what they advise.


Bob Schor

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