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Save data continuously from loop

I see that Cases 110 and the Default are not wired to the 1D array. Only Case 107 is. Is that correct?


Also, what's going on with that SubVI in there? Is that functioning properly and as you expect?

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@gibbsphe wrote:

Yes, they are running. I can see on screen their values changing, but the .txt file always comes out blank. 

Assuming the missing SendReq queues things up you don't seem to ever send any MsgType 107, which is the only one that actually creates any data to be saved. If you Probe and set a Breakpoint at the outgoing array going to the Write to file, do you actually have any data?


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This goes back to what I said.  Most of the cases don't have a value wired to the output tunnel and will output a default value, an empty array.  Thus eliminating anything that was ever stored in the shift register.


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