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Save Reentrant VI Reference for later use in call chain



In a call sequence I lose access to the VI reference of the last VI called.


Sequence is: main_caller calls ta_int that will initialize and start a server for an equipement,

Later I will call that will act in the reference saved under an "alias".


I believe that is is related to the value "Auto Dispose Ref" in the Invoke Nodeof the two calls but I do not know how to correctly configure this.

I don't need the reference of the neither I only require the reference of the that I will maintain running.

Code attached.



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I suspect you don't quite understand what you are doing (and I'm not trying to make a snide comment here).  Your Main Caller runs VIs using VI Server with Wait Until Done set to True -- this means that the Main Caller waits until the called VI exits.  Why not simply do away with VI Server and call the appropriate VI directly?  You can "choose" the VI to call by using the name of the VI in a Case Statement and calling the appropriate VI inside the case.


If you really want to have asynchronous calls, a much "more modern" (and much more robust) way to do this is via the Start Asynchronous Call function, rather than using VI Server.


Here's a suggestion -- write down what you really want to do, without worrying about how you want to do it.  If it is simply "run a series of VIs in sequence, waiting until each finishes before starting the next one", then my suggestion about a Case statement that takes the name of the VI as an argument and contains the VI itself inside the Case to be run will be the (very simple) solution.  If it is something more complicated, once you know what you want to do, you can then worry about how you want to do it.  In any case, VI Server is probably not the optimum (or more straight-forward) way to do it.



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