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Saphir modbus Error 6200 occurred at MBV_Emission-Reception

I am trying to get the Saphir modbus serial to function for more than 30 seconds.  Starts up fine but then after 30 seconds I get this error. 


Error 6200 occurred at MBV_Emission-Reception


Possible reason(s):

decoding data for request 16 to slave address 1

Complete call chain:


Seems to be on the write holding.

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Are you using one of the following toolkits: to communicate with the Saphir device?


Or is this a customized VI? It's hard to understand what is going on in your program when I am not sure what is happening or what VI you are using.

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Hello Trinity32244,

I'm just finding out your message. Hope it's not to late. I encourage you to post question for support on our NI Community group.

Anyway, the error repported is related to a CRC/LRC issue (see p26 od ModBusVIEW documentation). In other word, the frame receive by your master seems to be dammaged. This could be due to electrical interferences in the environement or other hardware related issue. How many devices are linked on your serial network?

Try to decrease the baudrate or manage the error in order to retry the communication after the error occurs.



Olivier Jourdan

Wovalab founder | DQMH Consortium board member | LinkedIn |

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