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SSI encoder with NI evaluation kit Sbrio 9636 for feed and oscillation



I'm a mechanic engineer and currently working on a project in my company.

The project is to create a tool that can mesure feed and oscillation of our machines (drilling units). 

In order to do that i have a linear encoder from RLS (LinACE) with a SSI interface.

My Ni card is an evaluation kit (containing a Sbrio 9636) with 4DIO. To convert RS422 from my encoder I asked an engineer and he gave me a sketch of the components. 

My problem is to acquire the data from the encoder

As I am a very beginner in programmation I tried to look for examples on forums and found the but it didn't work, when I connect the encoder to my card using the converter Max488 the data acquisition does not work.

I found a lot of solutions using DAQ assistant but nothing with a SbRio

How can I do that in Labview ?



Thanks a lot

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Hi Quentak,


I attach a LabVIEW 2014 project based on the FPGA SSI example for your sbRIO9636.


RS422 communication isn't necessary in your case and it's easier to implement SSI communication (basically one Digital Output for the master clock and one Digital Input to receive the data from the sensor).


Best Regards

National Instruments France

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