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SPI on FPGA for roboRIO



I'm looking to setup a SPI connection on roboRIO, to connect to a MPU 9250 sensor. I have found a VI that works just fine when it runs on the RT target (MPU-9250 VI), however, for my application I will need to run it on the FPGA instead and I'm am having trouble to understand how I should set it up. I will need to change the clock polarity, clock phase and frequency, and these options are not available from a simple FPGA I/O node. So my question is:

How can I setup and configure a SPI connection on FPGA of a roboRIO so that I can continusly read the values from the IMU (the IMU will be setup as a slave). 


I'm running labview 2016 


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The magic of an FPGA is that you have direct control over the I/O in Hardware mode.

maybe you can find example of code for SPI in FPGA. I did that a long time ago...



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Thank you for answer, I have gone through that example and try to apply it to my problem but without any luck. I will update this thread if I can find any soultion, meanwhile, if someone has a good idea, please share it!




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