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SPI communication with cRIO and manufactured module



I am new in labview and in the FPGAs field, and I am trying to make a spi communication between a manufactured board and the cRIO 9038. For this project I was reading the CompactRIO Module Development Kit User Manual. Once the PCB is done and the program in my own FPGA in VHDL for the slave is inserted,  the next step is to design the interface in labview, and it is when my problems start...

The first step is to write an EEPROM, for that, it is necessary to create a text file with all the values of the board (EEPROM Size, ID vendor and product, module model code..). This process has to be executed when the cRIO is in mode ID.

Another file is created too, the ModuleSupport.xml.

In this point I am starting to be confused, because I don't know what I have to write in this last file. In addition, for making the SPI the mode of the cRIO has to be changed to normal operation mode, so this needs to be configured in the xml file, how?

I am using SCTL I/O Items to make the part of the master in the communication, should I write about them in the xml file too?

I would appreciate any answer and thank you in advance!

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