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SPI/I2C communication example with NI cDAQ and 9402 module

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I am having trouble getting started with NI Compact DAQ and 9402 module. I would like to run SPI and I2C communication, but cannot find any examples or even proof that it could be done. Have only found the drivers for cRIO, but not for cDAQ. Could it be that cDAQ does not support SPI and I2C? What a shame that would be. If you could put me on the right track that would be great.

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As cool as that would be, the 9402 is a cRIO only module:


I use the USB-8451 for my SPI/I2C needs which generally works well.  If I were getting one for development, I would go with the NI-8452 instead.  

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Hi, try checking the example finder

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Accepted by daista

Hi Daista,

The 9402 module can only be used with cRIOs.


The links below would be helpful if you decide to take a crack at implementing SPI/I2C on a cDAQ but this isn't something we can help with as it is outside the scope of support.

SPI Digital Waveform Reference Library

Serial Protocol Communication Reference Design for Digital Waveform Devices

Jiwhan S.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you all for your replies. That is a pity to hear. Does it mean that 9402 is useless with cDAQ? Are there any other modules for cDAQ that would implement digital communication protocols?


We consulted with a NI representative before making this purchase and he confirmed our selection of 9402 + cDAQ. This situation makes us to start losing trust in NI tools and support.


Best regards,


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"The 9402 module can only be used with cRIOs."


I have a 9402 connected to a cDAQ-9133 while typing this. NI 9402 Datasheet - NI

You just don't have the possibility to use FPGA-related resources with it. I think that's the "crio only" part mentioned by NI elsewhere online. 

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