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SP8T switches control using labview (1 input 64 outputs)

Hi there,



I have a board with 1 input port and 64 Output ports and want to test it using VNA.


I could not find any switch with 1 input and 64 outputs. 

So going to buy 9 of SP8T switches. 1st switch will work as main and will connect to next 8 switches to make 64 outputs.  (PLEASE SEE ATTACED .png FILE FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING)



Before I buy these switches, can anyone help me that what other stuff I need to buy as someone said I need to buy Controller that will control these all switches.


If i need to buy controller, what about the LabVIEW program. Is it going to be any driver and Express VI to control these switches.





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What other hardware you may or may not need is dependent on the type of switch you buy and its interface to the computer. The possibilities are almost endless - USB, RS232, GPIB, Ethernet, digital I/O, etc. Why haven't you specified the make and model so someone can provide a reasonable answer? The image you posted its not at all useful.

The possibility of having a driver is also dependent on the make and model. You can search the instrument driver network yourself to see if it's there.
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Hi Faheem,


Thanks for posting your question. As mentioned, we'll need more information on the switches and even about the application. We have dedicated sales engineers who would be able to recommend a controller further to a discussion of what it is you are looking to achieve. I'll have one of our sales engineers contact you for further assistance.





Application Engineer (CLAD)
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