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SOS - sbRIO - 9606 project

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Hello internet,

I have been stuck in solving this issue for the last two days. We have an older laptop which was used to develop a test rig which used the SBRIO 9606. The laptop is quite old and I am trying to move the whole development system to a newer one. However, I am having issues with the project as when I try to access it I get the following error: The plug-in for the selected item is not installed on your system or the plug-in has an expired license. I got the correct licences and I have installed the full professional Labview 2013, Real Time module, FPGA module and CompactRIO drivers (see attached images). The only wierd part is that the modules appear under Labview 2013 and not LabVIEW 2013 SP1?????Would this cause an issue?

Thank you all

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You say you have installed the RIO drivers, but none of those pictures show me that.  Look under the software tab in Measurement and Automation Explorer.


My suspicion is that you don't have the RIO drivers installed.


Your LV13 vs. LV13SP1 comment relates to the RealTime module.  That is not the same thing as RIO drivers.



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I have attached the list of software from NI MAX - I got NI RIO 19.5, CompactRIO 19.5, NI FlexRio 13.2

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Accepted by topic author captainfungus

Ni RIO 19.5 is not compatible with LabVIEW 2013.  NI only maintains 4 years of compatibility with most drivers (2016 - 2019).


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I uninstalled the 2019 version and have put back the 2013 version and it fixed it. Many thanks.

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