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SOLVED: What block is this? Some kind of error retry icon

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I'm preparing for the CLAD; and I happened upon a block I haven't seen before, at least not in a for structure. I've painted it in blue. If you can tell me how to create this block, I'd appreciate it. If you could tell me how I could have found it, with zero notions where it comes from, that would also be great.


Edit: Nvm, I figured it out. Just add conditional terminal to the for-loop by right clicking the frame, and then changing the stop icon to Continue while True... 




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Hi Dr,


it's the conditional stop of a FOR loop, also indicated by the red circle in the "N" terminal.


Read the help for FOR loops…

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Thanks for the quick and accurate answer Gerd. You know, I've worked with LabVIEW/TestStand for three years now and never have I added a conditional to a for loop. I think I have to go through core 2 in detail before I do this test, so many behaviours and features I'm not very familiar with.

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I think it was added in ... 2014(?) 🙂

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Well, it is actually a "conditional continue". 😄 (i.e. continue if true). You can click it and change it to "stop if true", same as for a while loop.

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