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SIT Initialization Simulation Error 54

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Hello all,


I have been going through the SIT examples, and have opened the "batch" example. Then, I have modified it so that it runs the sinewave.mdl from the sine wave example. This went all good and well. Then, I decided that I wanted to run the sinewave.dll on my PXI-8101. At this point, when I click run, it gives me the error:

Error 54 occurred at TCP Open Connection in NI_SIT_userAPI.lvlib: SIT Initialize


I think I might have missed a step somewhere, but I don't know. All I did was open the VI and click run.




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Never mind error 54. I am now getting error 56 TCP read error.


Exact same VI.

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Is the PXI that you are deploying to a Real-Time PXI? It seems that you are getting this error because you are not specifying a driver VI for the model dll. You need to create and specify a driver VI when deploying to a RT target. Take a look at this link and it will help explain it in further detail.


David A.

National Instruments
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