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SHC6868-EP dual input single output cable




I have a PCMCIA 6036E card to connect with two connector boxes (SC-2345). I want to connect both boxes with one card. So, is there any cable which carries dual inputs but only one output. If you have any please send me details as soon as possible.




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Hi CC12,


We do not sell a specific cable that will do this, however you can create your own custom cable for doing this by using a CA-1000 enclosure along with 3 x CB-68LPR


You need to place the CB-68LPR's within the enclosure, and wire them together, therefore allowing you to have multiple connections on the same cable.


If you would like to discuss your needs and purchase any products, and live in the UK, I suggest that you speak to our Sales Engineer's on 01635-523-545 and they should be able to help you with your needs.


For other offices please check NI Worldwide


Kind regards,

Ashish Naik
Automotive Business Development Manager
National Instruments UK
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