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SEH, Structured Error Handler, Still working in LV2014?

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I'm using the SEH or trying to use I should say. The communication to the Central Error Handler works fine but I can't get the Retry or Call VI options to work even using the example code in the pallete. I'm in LabVIEW 2014 and I have just a very small test VI to try out the options. The problems are in the Specific Error Handler. I set the options to Retry 5 times and un-check the Clear Error. Call VI is unchecked for this test. The loop runs with the error appearing at the output on the first call and the loop exits. Do I have the wrong combination of options?

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For the Retry option, have you wired in the loop count into the iteration input?  If you want to retry 5 times, the SEH needs to know the current iteration. 


For the Call VI option, the only thing that comes to mind is if your path is incorrect. 


It would help if you could share code.  Unfortunately, I can't open 2014 files so I am limited to guessing what could be wrong. 

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There's a specific Discussion Group for SEH, which seems to be known by two names:  Structured Error Handler (Structured Error Handler) and Specific Error Handler (Specific Error Handler).  Note that the first link points to the associated Discussion Group, the second link.


For SEH to work, you may need other tools, which I think are explained by the two links.  I was using this at one time, and have a note somewhere saying that I got it to work in LabVIEW 2015 (I am not using this package at the present time).  Look in the above links and see if they provide solutions for you.


Bob Schor

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Yes the iteration variable is wired to the SEH function. In fact I used the structured error with loop option and just added an Open File with a filename that doesn't exist so the function would fail. I can make a screen shot tomorrow. It's very simple.


Thanks for your help.


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Thank you I'll check those threads.

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I'm certain what happened but the specific error handler is working as advertised and it sends notification to the central error handler. The specific handler can filter mutliple error codes and handle them in different ways so I probably was not consistant in the error handling configuration. Anyway, problem solved. Thank you.

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