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Does anyone know if there is a way to "pre-arm" the SCXI before I need to actually start collecting data through it? The problem that I am having is that when I click start in my labview program, their is a roughly 6 second delay before I actually start collecting data from the front end. I am wodering if there is a way to have the front end actually collecting data a few frames sooner in my stacked sequence so that when it gets to the frame that I am actually wanting the data to start collecting into the data file, I am not collecting 6 seconds of zero data while the front end is arming.
Bob Edgar
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Hello Bob,

The reason why it takes about that long for the SCXI to start acquiring data is because lots of channel and device configuration have to be defined prior to data acquisition. The DAQ hardware will start acquiring data as soon as the task is started (DAQmx Start  What you can do in your program is configure the task before hand and then wait on a Boolean value (could be a control) to change state and then start the task. This would give you a precise control over the time when you want to start your acquisition.


Chetan K

Application Engineer


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