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SCXI-1126 Demo VI got a bug?

I recently fired up my new SCXI-1126 frequency counter module and ran the
demo VI included with LabView 5.1 (examples/DAQ/SCXI/ai.llb). After setting
up the channel string, scans to read, scans/sec, etc. I ran it.

The waveform chart responded to a frequency input for a few seconds then the
VI "locks" up giving an error in the AI READ BUFFER. Alternately, it
sometimes gives an AI_Config error, however, this is on a random (at least
appears random!) basis.

I tried altering the VI however I can't get away from this error. The VI is
supposed to provide a continuous acquisition, is it not?

If anyone has any similar experience with the unit, I'd love to hear from

Russ Longdon
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