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SCXI 1001 Chassis Question


I entered my configuration when not connected to my SCXI  chasis. I am now connected and realize one of my cards 1120 is actually an 1121 so I deleted it and entered the corect details. I ran a self test on the chasis and all is good. When I close MAX and re-open the 1121 card has disapeared and the 1120 is back . Any ideas ?

So I deleted everything  hit "save " and closed MAX . Re-open and all comes back. What am I missing?

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My co-worker found the answer to my problem .

Using the Set Default DAQ Configuration File VI, you can set the Traditional NI-DAQ active configuration in LabVIEW to automate the task of setting MAX's configuration file. To locate the VI, open the VI Library at the following location: \Program Files\LabVIEW\vi.lib\daq\dqchnutl.llb. In LabVIEW, go to File»Open and open dqchnutl.llb. This library contains four VIs, including the Set Default DAQ Configuration File VI . Before you call any other DAQ VIs (even before any configuration), you must use this VI to set the default configuration file used in that session of LabVIEW. You can use the error in and error outterminals to establish the data flow. You can revert to the default configuration file by calling this VI again.

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