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The video is about Scilab-XCOS. There is no mention of LabVIEW or any NI product. Are you sure you are in the right forum?

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I would like to use the LabVIEW to Scilab Gateway and installed everything on my laptop. According to this instruction ( the Scilab script node should be available in the Mathematics >> Scripts & Formulas >> Script Nodes >> Scilab subpalette. However the "scilab subpalette" is not displayed within the "mathematics" functions. In fact, I don't even have the "Scripts & Formulas" subpalette (see attached image). 


I have the following software installed on my laptop (Windows 7 64-bit operating system):

- LabVIEW 14 32-bit 

- Scilab-5.4.1 32-bit

- LabVIEW-Scilab-Gateway 32-bit


Since the 32bit version of LabVIEW is installed I also downloaded the 32-bit version of Scilab and the Scilab-LabVIEW-Gateway. On my computer at home, this works absolutely fine. The only difference is that I only have a LabVIEW 2012 32-bit student version installed on it.

Is there anything else I require besides Scilab and the LabVIEW - Scilab Gateway Software? I have just started working with LabVIEW, so maybe I'm missing something very basic.


Hope someone can help me. Thanks very much in advance.



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Is it possible that you are using LabView Basic System?


I believe to see the Formula palette you need to work with Full Development System.





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You can see that information in this link.


Only in  LabVIEW Full, LabVIEW Professional, LabVIEW Suites  The Script Nodes is available.

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thanks for your answers. Yes, you are right. Unfortunately I only have the LabVIEW Base version.

Do you know whether its possible to use Scilab within LabVIEW in a different way, e.g. via ActiveX?


Thanks for your help.

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As discussed in this thread, the new release of SciLab doesn't work with the current release of SciLab Gateway.

Will anyone at SciLab look into that?

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As this thread is over two years old, it might be best to throw this question in a new thread to increase visibility. 

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Have you checked the thread I link to? Have you checked the links I posted there?

If you had, you would have realized that THIS thread is listed as the official support FORUM for the Scilab Gateway.

We both agree that this is ridiculous.

But even though I do not expect my post above to appear on SciLab's radar, I went ahead nonetheless since:

- SciLab did not respond to my email reporting the problem I and others have encountered with the new version,

- NI support (your colleagues) told me that SciLab Gateway Support was none of their business and pointed me to this thread.

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I have a problem with SciLab, I can not run a simple scilab node.

I have installed 32bit gateway SciLab and SciLab 5.2.2

I have error 1050 as shown in the photo below.

Thanks to help me


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Little precision, I use Labview 2015 Version: 15.0.1f1  32 bits

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