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SCADA Sample Project doesn't transmit alarms

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The behavior for some DSC Alarm APIs had been there for multiple releases, that it will use Computer Name instead of IP address to filter in the Alarm cache. So, I will say this is at least an unexpected behavior for the customers.

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Thank you for your help and explanations, YanYuan. The issue is much clearer now, and you've given us a good workaround.


Yes, it's unexpected. Is this documented anywhere?


We usually use Network Published Shared Variables (NSVs) as our interface to DSC features. Most features of the NSVs can be accessed through either computer name or IP address. However, with alarms on shared variables, it looks like IP addresses are not supported. This combination is counter-intuitive.


Would NI be willing to make changes to the system?

  • Ideally, alarming would work seamlessly when the remote computer is specified by IP address -- the DSC could resolve IP address to hostname behind-the-scenes for filtering
  • If that's not feasible, we should at least get a warning message from DSC to say that the IP address is not recognized by the alarms system

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Yes, this issue is tracked by NI CAR system, and the fix for that will be prioritized in future releases. Thanks.

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Great! Could you share the CAR number please?

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CAR 461470


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Thank you again, YanYuan!

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