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Running yet Broken VI?!?!?

Aristos Queue wrote:
No. Zombie VIs are the ones that won't die when you get the "Quitting LabVIEW..." infinite dialog of doom when trying to do File>>Exit.

I stand corrected...  For I have seen a zombie...    It was a not so dark, warm, dry pleasant evening..  I should have been out frolicking with the peasants,,  I was trying to solve the curse of the Novice Wirebreaker.  The ultimate user of the forever stacked.....  Miss Seekwence Structure...  

It was on that pleasant evening that I saw it.  The diabolical undying vi!  Even the weak weapons of no destruction created by the hypocrite Windoze could not kill it.  Only the push of the mightiest weapon could subdue the enemy..  The Almighty Power Button.


Aristos...  You'll have to give us a list of names and definitions... This thread has been an awakening experience...  And a literary one as well..   😄

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Ah, Wikipedia. Here's a good list of undead monsters:

For the record, wrapper VIs (such as Simple Error Handler which wraps the General Error Handler) that won't die are mummies, not zombies. 🙂

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This is crazy!!  We talk about this and all of a sudden, LV crashes 3 times in a row because I am replacing 2D arrays with 1D arrays!!!

Life in the Twilight Zone!!  <<< sorry to hijack the thread >>  Thought it would make someone laugh... (not me 😠 )

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haha you just gave me a mini heart attack. I had opened this thread and left the room, when i came back in, all i saw from a distance was the Labview has crashed dialog on the screen...and I hadnt saved in a little while, PLUS I had just got my program working, so I thought it still had mystery bugs! As I started to read it I thought WOW this is super weird! I dont even have 8.2!! But then I realized what had happened...and I didnt even need to call an ambulance!

Using Labview 7 Express
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I just fell off my chair laughing!!! Thanks bud!! 🙂 😄 😄 😄
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I was trying to figure out a way how to use Run VI method for static strictly typed VI when I encoutered the same issue in complitely different circumstances. If you create a strictly typed static VI reference LabVIEW changes the state of the referenced VI to running when the owning VI execution state changes to either running or running top-level. However if you have the referenced VI front panel open by the time the execution state should change, the referenced VI appears to be in two states at once. From the open front panel point of view the VI acts like a top-level VI that is initially not running but that can be ran by pressing the run button. From the static reference owning VI point of view the VI is running when the owning VI is running. So we have a two inconsistent states for the VI. When the run button of the referenced VI is pressed while the referring VI is running, the referring VI breaks at runtime.

Steps to reproduce

1) Open the attached Project
2) From the Project explorer open Main VI, the front panels of Main VI and Static VI both open
3) From the block diagram of the Main VI turn on highliht execution (lamp) and retain wire values ((p) symbol)
4) Run Main VI by pressing run button
5) Run Static VI by pressing run button, note that Main VI breaks
6) Press stop button on the front panel Static VI, note that Main VI appears to stop running but when you take a look at the block diagram execution is still highlighted 🙂 Note also that Run button and Stop button are active simultaneously. Pressing stop button has no effect. To get back to initial state press Run button of Main VI followed by stopping the Main VI.

Back to the initial question of mine. Does anybody know how to get a strictly typed static reference to a VI without changing its execution state to running. Type casting doesn't work. To more specific class doesn't work.

Tomi Maila
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I posted a video on the issue to LAVA forums... I don't know how to embed a video here so you have to follow the link should you want to see the weird behaviour live. I also submitted a bug report from this separate issue.

Tomi Maila
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