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Running two loops with data dependancy; One continuous one periodic.

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Firstly, sorry if a similar question has been asked/answered before. I have done some searching and can't find anything that seems to match what I am trying to achieve. Perhaps I'm not using the right words.

I am trying to control humidity in a chamber. I have a sub vi that takes in input from a humidity sensor and outputs humidity readings and also the time required for a humidifier to run.

Where I am having difficulty is that I wish for the data from the first loop to be continously updating to see current humidity levels, but also to periodically every 5mins (currently 2000ms for debugging) run a separate loop that will run the humidifier for a required time.

Please what would be the proper Labview way of achieving this goal?

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Sounds like a Queued Message Handler is what you need.  It is similar to a Producer/Consumer in that you send commands to the second loop via a queue.

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The structure for QMH just knocked the wind out of me, it looks so complicated. This may take a while.

Thanks for the reply crossrulz, description of it sounds like exactly what i'm after.

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