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Running multiple hardware timed tasks at same time


I am trying to measure Acceleration, Temperature, Voltage and a Frequency at the same time using a single chassis.


I am running into the issue that Acceleration, Temperature and Voltage each need a different sampling rate. These Sensors are attached outside of a rotating axis. I would like to measure the rotation frequency with a counter. 


I have a Task for each of the 4 types of measurements. However when I try to run the measurement I get the error that  a required resource is already occupied. I figured the problem lies in the issue that each task requires it's own sample clock, however the cDAQ 9188 chassis can only provide 3.


Is it possible to combine the tasks in a way to keep the sampling rate different? Or is it possible to count edges of the counter input in a way that doesn't utilize the sample clock so i could calculate the frequency myself?


Attached the program I am currently using.

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Make some of your tasks be the same rate and combine those channels into a single task.  You can choose the higher rate, and decimate the data after you acquire it if you want the other channel's data rate to be slower.

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