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Running multiple 2204A Picoscopes in Labview

I am working on a project in Labview that requires 4 different stations (all of which have a pisoscope connected to read from my parts) to be running off of the same computer. The program I am writing identifies only 1 of the picoscopes connected to my computer. I am trying to figure out a way to connect each station to a specific picoscope instead of the program choosing a random one I am connected to. Thanks for the help!

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It is easy to connect LabVIEW to multiple instruments or multiple instances of the same instrument, but you typically need a LabVIEW Driver that has a Session or Instrument parameter to specify which you want to use (I'm currently working with 24 Stations consisting of a Balance outputing a serial stream to a VISA port and a IP Camera taking videos, all 24 running simultaneously).


However, I haven't heard of a "Picoscope" nor have I seen any Picoscope drivers in LabVIEW.  You've also shown us none of the code you are using, so I have no idea how a Picoscope connects to LabVIEW.


Bob Schor

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