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Run program continously and save data averages


My name is Satyaki. I am a new Labview user. I have a vi that generates a waveform by taking input data from a spectrometer and then outputs data to a file continously during the program runs. In this process the data generated by this program gets overwhelming, so I am trying to get an average data of about 10 data points and ouput that a file, to decrease the amout the data being generated. How would I go about doing this? Below is an attached vi that was given to me that I am using right now.


Thank you in advace for all the help!

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Hi Satyaki, welcome to the NI forums! I did a little research and I think I found your instrument driver here. All these drivers come with examples and I think that what you are looking for is something alike the attachment. The examples folder should be located at  C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW XXXX\instr.lib\Ocean Optics 2000 4000\Example. I hope this helps

Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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Thanks for the help! I will look into that.

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I looked through those and they weren't exactly what I wanted. I am looking for a vi that can take a continously changing waveform and produce an average waveform from 1min of raw data and output that onto a file and then take the next 1min of waveform and average it and output that onto a file and so on (or something similar to that). Thanks for the help!

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Then I would suggest using the "Ocean Optics 2000 4000 Acquire Continuous" as a template, then you need to add the average calculation, similar to this example. What is left is the file logging. I'm sure there are other examples that you can use as templates and work on them, so I would suggest to keep looking. Good luck.

Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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Alright thanks for all the help!

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