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Run and Stop missing

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I am trying to edit someone else's application, and I don't have the Run or Stop icons.  Under the Operate menu the Run and Stop are grayed out.  What causes this condition?
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Hi nonecure,

it can be the execution mode (maybe it's defined as subprogram), or the style (you can change it in window appearance). You'll find both entries in the VI options. Right click on the vi icon.



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The VI is setup as a subroutine.  If you go into the VI Properties (CTRL-I) and go to the Exectuion settings, you'll see the priority is setup as a subroutine.


For doing some basic testing, you can change this setting to help you debug, but any VI which is also has subroutine prioity and calls this as a subVI will break, since all VI's called by a subroutine priority VI must also be subroutine priority. 

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wow quick replies, thanks.


The vi is set to normal priority with allow debugging checked.

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You may get your answer faster if you post the vI or a screen capture of the front panel.
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Is the VI running when you open it and the whole toolbar has disappeared, or is the toolbar there and the icons are missing?
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This image is how it opens up.

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Accepted by topic author nonecure

Hi nonecure,

did you check window appearance (user defined), as i said before?



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Go into VI Properties (CTRL-I) and to the Windows Appearance section.  Click the customize button.


You'll notice that the check boxes for "Show Abort Button" and "Show Run Button" are unchecked.  Check them.



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Mike, thanks that was it.


I missed that point in your first replay.  They guy that originally wrote this like to make things difficault for other people to support his stuff.



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