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Run Vi at the end of another

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The images you embedded do not show up because when you embedded them, you pointed to the file that was in the temporary Preview location of the NI website.  //


You need to actually submit your message first with the image file attached.  Once the message is submitted, then it gets assigned its permament message ID number.  Then you can right click properties on the attachment to copy its permanent forums web address.  Edit the message and embed the image based on the permanent address.  Here are those images:

Here is that VI you requested down converted to 8.0.  I fixed the properties so that it doesn't run when opened which is an annoying property to set for a VI posted to the forums.

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thanks for that - looking through this VI i'm still having trouble figuring out how to adapt it/learn from it to achieve what I am going for

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is this what I am looking for? 

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You are looking for '404 Not Found'?


Can you explain why you want to get so complicated with property nodes, etc?  The idea I gave would seem to do exactly what you want with a minimum of fuss.

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here is the fixed link

it does exactly what I needed, thanks anyway

just attaching them as a reference should anyone search for this or have this same question

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