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Run Arrow Size

I saw a post in 2011 about changing the run arrow size for tablet applications.  At the time there was no solution.  The recommended work around was to use autorun to start the program and then have a soft start and stop button.  An alternative work around was to alter the display settings to force a magnified screen.


OK, in 2014 with tablets all the rage.  Is there now a straightforward way to change the size of the run arrow on the menu bar for tablet applications?


Thanks, Cris

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I have no idea - but you DO get a new icon!  😉

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Tablets may be all the rage, but a touch interface with its relative inaccuracy does not strike me as a good editing experience for LV. If you're running an actual application (be it an EXE or something run in LV), I would still recommend auto-running it, and would do so even if this wasn't on a touch device, as I think it provides a much better user experience.


If you're not happy with this, here are a couple of potential options:


  1. Use the OS zoom (I have no idea how it works on tablets, though).
  2. Have the VI as you had it until now, and create a second VI which will auto-run and then call the first one. Each time you want to actually run the program, you ppen the second VI.
  3. You can create what is essentially your own floating toolbar which will interact with the active VI and put your large run button there. The Run VI method should then do what you want. Do a search for "scripting springboard" to see an example of how you can use the VI Activation event to see what the active VI is.

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