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Run 7 while loops in same vi


I have to run 7 threads in Labview 2012. If i run 7 while loops it is taking >50-85%of CPU.

Please let me know if you How to minimize this?


Thanks & Regards,
Harish. G.
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You throttle the threads with either a wait block or timed loop structure where appropriate. Of course if you need all those loops processing away at full tilt it's going to cost you 50 to 85%.

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Thanks ToeCutter,


But am using wait loop in every while loop. It is not causing any effect.


If you have any example show me 🙂  

Thanks & Regards,
Harish. G.
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There are 1,000,001 reasons for high CPU usage.  Can you post your code?  What are your different loops doing?  Are you dynamically building arrays?

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