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Round GUI

I was just wondering.  Does anyone know if there is some way to make a round Front Panel (or any shape other than rectangle)?  I wanted to make a GUI that was a shape other than rectangle, like Sonique.  Is this even possible in LabVIEW?

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If you're on a Windows machine you can use the Windows API to do it. See attached for a simple example.
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That's great, thanks a lot.  I apparently have a lot of investigation to do in regards to this.  I should be able to create some really cool GUIs with this.

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With the proper playing around, you can create some nice stuff.

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Hi all,

   I want to create a hole in my GUI, and the discussion above helps me to reach near to my goal, but unfortunatly, i cannot make this running, can any one see am i calling the DLL in a right Manner.



Thanks In advance.




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Hello all,


Done wrong names Used, get my problem



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It's also possible (and simpler) to do this by making a specific color in the window completely transparent, which causes it to allow click-throughs.


You can see an example of how to do this here, although that was just quick and dirty code, so it needs some cleaning up. I don't even remember if the color which should be transparent is set up as an input there -

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My original desire to make a funny shaped window ended up evolving into a white paper (with example code), which you can view and download here:


The example allows the user to select a black and white bitmap, which then clips the window to match the bitmap.
It should contain everything you need.

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