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Rising edge trigger &DC voltage output

Hi there,

Excuse me, I need to use LabVIEW 2017 to control NI data acquisition card USB-6366 to generate four ±5V DC voltage signals(after four independent rising edge trigger).Like the drawing(The initial output is a DC voltage, and it is stepped to zero after the trigger.).

Now,I rewritten an example to serve the problem. For now,I just generated one signal.However,it dosen't work well.There are some problems .

The voltage-continuous is the example;the output 1can generate signal with some problem and it can't be triggled; the output 2 can't generate any signal.

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Hi there,

     I am having an issue with trigger.The output of the channel before the rising edge starts is zero.I don't know how to set the signal before and after the trigger at the same time.My vi is below.

     Pls help me to generate different DC signals before and after the trigger (both can be set).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Please reattach your VI, but rename the file so that it does not use Chinese characters.  Most people cannot open this file.


What do you mean by "set the signal"?

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Sorry, I ignored that.

"set the signal" means that I can set the amplitude of the DC signal before and after the trigger(Of course before running the vi).

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