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Right-Click Menu Vanished

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Here is a little head-scratcher that happened to me today.  The right-click menu for String controls and indicators seems to have vanished.  All other controls have normal menus, and if I find the right spot in empty space, I get the Visible Items submenu to appear.


Restart computer and LabVIEW seems to have no effect.





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wow... strange...(WTF)



 how about use the uninstall option to Repair LabVIEW (or a complete reinstall)

Message Edited by Guruthilak on 02-03-2010 10:25 AM
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Hi Darin.K,


Did anything happen from when this wasn't a problem to when you noticed it?  Which version of LV are you using? What OS?  I also recommend a repair or reinstall.  


Please let us know how it goes!


Kristen H.

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Not sure what brought it on.  I created a new VI, wanted a scrollbar on my string indicator and poof.  Tried a few existing VIs with string controls with no luck.  It is LV2009 on XP professional.


I was hoping for a surgical strike and trying to hold out for my Q4 update disks, but I brought the hammer down this morning and did a reinstall.  It revived the menu for new VIs, but a couple of them that I worked on yesterday seemed to have been wonked permanently.  They have been recycled with extreme prejudice and I consider this a success.  Maybe next time this can happen to a control I don't care about.  Thanks.

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