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Reverse engineering a VI

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I appreciate all the help! I'm still learning LabVIEW, so a lot of these concepts are still foreign.


How do I create an array with the true/false truth table?







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Hi Jay,


create an array constant. Place a boolean constant inside this array constant to make it a boolean array. Set the dimensions to two index entries. Change the array size (of the visible elements) to the desired size. Set each element as needed…


This really is very basic LabVIEW stuff: did you notice the "Training resources" offered in the header of this LabVIEW board?

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using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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@JayWW wrote:


How do I create an array with the true/false truth table?

Place a boolean, right-click, change to array*. Resize the index down to show two indices, making it 2D.

Resize array container to at least show all elements you need. Click on each element to change their value.


*On older LabVIEW versions, you would place an empty array container, then drop a boolean diagram constant in it.

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