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Return to line when writing on a text file

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Hello to all, 


I am using a producer-consumer pattern in my VI. The producer computes several data (27 data) and passes them in a queue (the data are converted to string before). 


The consumer has to write each data in a text file. When the producer sends 27 data, it means one cycle has been completed.

I would like to write one line per cycle, meaning each time the consumer writes 27 data, it has to go on a new line (send a new line instruction).


I tried to write "\n" to the file to go on a new line, but it doesn't work, it simply writes "\n" on the text file.


How can I make a new line on a txt file?


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Write a Carriage return constant to the text file



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I can only guess what it is going wrong since you didn't attach the problem VI to look at.  But I'm going to guess it is a newbie mistake.


You created a string with a \n in it, but it was still set for normal display mode.  You forgot to set it to \codes display mode before typing the "\n".

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@Ken_Naylor wrote:

Write a Carriage return constant to the text file



A carriage return constant is a "\r" code.  He wants the constant to the right of it for new line or linefeed code "\n".

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Accepted by topic author Mahmoud63PPC
04-15-2019 08:15 AM

Newline Constant

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Thank you so much, I didn't see that option before Smiley Happy

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