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Retrieving full device and channel list dynamically.


I have a PXI 1052 chassis with multiple PXI/SCXI cards attached.

What i'm eventually after is an array of clusters which contain a device name and an array of its specific channels.

This must be done on-the-fly so to speak.

I'm able to get the PXI device names, by using the "DAQmx System" property node, looping through it and setting a "DAQmx Device" property node "ActiveDev" to the indexed item, and reading "Product Type". This for example gives me "PXI 4462" and "PXI 6251". However the SXI cards are ignored, maybe as theyre read through the 6251? i'm unsure... Does anybody know how I could retrieve a list of these items dynamically too?

As for the device channels, again using the "DAQmx Device" property node and reading the channel options I can obtain a full list of the PXI channels without any of the SCXI channels. Unfortunately I can only seem to obtain them all together, not separated by device, however I can relatively easily sort them and pull them out if necessary.

I think this makes sense.. 🙂

Any help much appreciated.

Many Thanks


P.S While transferring the vi from the PXI chassis before uploading I noticed that versions of the DAQmx driver below 8 do not all support some of the property nodes I have used..
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Hi Steve,

I have run your VI and have no problem picking up the SCXI modules, I can't find the SCXI chassis I am using as these are dumb devices.
Some SCXI modules do not have the onboard eeprom to give the system details about themselves, that is why the SCXI autodetection utility in MAX does not always work and you have to add some modules manually.

The only other suggestion I have is to make sure you have setup the SCXI portion of your PXI chassis in MAX, if the autodetection feature finde the modulesso should your program.

NIUK and Ireland

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many thanks for your reply, I've now retried on a different chassis with the same hardware and the vi returned everything, I must have misconfigured the devices in max on the other chassis 🙂


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