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Retrieve a custom scale from a different PC

I have several PCs on a subnetwork all running similar VIs. I would like to keep all my custom scales in a central location (in MAX on only one of the PCs) and allow the VIs on any of the other PCs to dynamically retrieve a scale from it. Previously, I needed to export the MAX config and manually copy it to MAX on the other PCs. This is a pain.

I created a work around which pulls all the scale info out of MAX and puts it into a DB table.

Yeah, it works, but again, this is kind of a pain.

Is this possible to get the scales from another PC using DAQmx?

I couldn't find any VIs to do so.

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Yes, this is possible, but you may need to "step away from MAX" in order to do it.  I had the same situation -- I have a Triaxial Accelerometer whose output consists of three voltages linearly proportional to the X, Y, and Z coordinates of acceleration.  The manufacturer went to great lengths to get the three axes orthogonal to each other, and to make voltage a linear function of acceleration, but the DC offsets and the voltage gains were specified with an error of 10%, so a Calibration procedure was needed.


I developed such a procedure and could "hand-code" in MAX the three sets of Offset and Slope for the axes, but I wanted to do this programmatically so that I could take these values either from a file or from the Calibration Procedure directly.  The way I did this was to use the DAQmx Create Custom Scale (Linear) function and feed its output to the DAQmx Create Channel (AI-Voltage-Basic) function.  Here's the routine:

Triax Show.png


Bob Schor

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