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Restrict "Mouse Move" Area X/Y Graph

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i programmed an event structure to set a Cursor in the corresponding X/Y-Graph when I move the Mouse over it. This works fine so far, but i also have cursor legend visible in the front panel, so when I move the mouse over this part the cursor also changes his position. Is it possible to restrict the area where the event triggers to just the actual graph or is there some workaround? 


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To me your description is not 100% clear. Could you attach a VI which demonstrates your problem with some comments in the block diagram?


edit: ah, you meant that when you hover your mouse over the Graph legend, since it is part of the Graph, your Event is fired? You could change your Event, do not sign it to a Mouse movement, but maybe to a Mouse button click (or Mouse click plus alt key down)...?

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Accepted by topic author mark_wer

When converting the Mouse position to XY Coordinates, if you use the Invoke Node "Map Coords to XY" then the topmost boolean output tells you if the mouse position is within the plot area or not.



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