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Restrict LabVIEW deployment on NI sbRIO

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Hello everyone,

I've searched a lot to find a solution, but couldn't find any.

I need to protect my NI sbRIO controller from deploying any application from LV. 
For example, if anyone with LV connects to controller's network, he should not be able to deploy anything to sbRIO before filling controller's credentials. 

From controller's web config I've removed all permissions from 'everyone' group, and set password for 'admin' user.
After that, the NI MAX requires password before saving anything to controller, but LV project doesn't require anything before connecting to controller and deploying a VI on it. 

Could you please help me?

Thank you in advance.


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Accepted by topic author khoren.j
10-27-2016 07:54 AM

Which Single-Board RIO device are you using (Linux or VxWorks RTOS based?)


The following whitepaper discusses how to protect a Single-Board RIO or CompactRIO from unauthorized access.


Overview of Best Practices for Security on RIO Systems


It sounds like you need to configure the VI Server Access in the Part 1 of the security whitepaper.



National Instruments

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