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Response delay in Vibration Data and FFT graph & trend plot?

You have created a new "Stop button 2" which is not good.  Because if you want to stop that application you need to press that button and it's not visible on the GUI.


Instead, delete this "Stop button 2" and in event structure edit the case where you want to stop that loop and select "Stop button" and wire the "Newval" see picture below:


stop loop.png

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So, were you able to build your appication as desired?  Is there something that is not working as you want?



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Hi Michel, 

Your replies have been really helpful, Stop button is working fine now. But there is one small problem that i am facing, when i run the VI, i can measure the Vibration data after a delay of 4-5 sec. I mean the program after a few seconds delay. I wonder why this is happening?

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"i can measure the Vibration data after a delay of 4-5 sec" Do you mean I can't ?

"I mean the program stop after a few seconds delay." Do you mean stop?


Post your latest version and I will take a look.



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I mean the program responds after a delay of 4-5 seconds approx. Please find the attachement.

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This delay is due to the .NET component initialization at the beginning of your application.  I had the same issue in the past and I lived with it.  I don't know much about .NET so I don't know it it's possible to improve the initialization itme, does anyone knows how to improve this?

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Hi Michel,

I have been working on this project for quiet some time now. There are few changes and additions that i am working on. I have a developed Individual VI's for Vibration Sensor, Strain Sensor, Temperature Sensor, LVDT Sensor. I have posted the Vibration Sensor VI in my previous post.

Each Sensor VI has the following stages:

  • Data Acuisition & logging from Multiple channels
  • FFT processing and logging
  • Data Recalling Trend Plot.

My requirement is this:

I have to integrate all the Sensor VI's into a single VI (Main VI). Please find the VI attached to the post, which is the requirement. In the MAIN PAGE tab, i should display all the live sensor data(for different Sensors). 

i am unsure how to achieve this. Any suggestions on how to go about it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hiii all,

  •  When i executed my code in labview it shows not enough memory to complete this    operation , memory is full and it is not displaying any graph .
  •   I am using the TDMS file as input with size 414 MB .
  •   How can i overcome this problem?


Thank you

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