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Resources for learning LV-OOP



Is there any useful book, website, tutorial, etc. which can help in learning LV-OOP? It fascinates me, however I have no idea where to start and I also have no foundations of OOP from other languages.



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As to general OOP foundations it should be easy enough to find, e.g. for C#.

I don't know how much examples and stuff you get in the newer LV's (i'm on 2011 in todays project), but in the G# addon (link in my signature) you'll get 29 examples of Polymorphism, Interfaces, Inheritance and similar stuff. It adds references to LV-OOP and has some tools for automatic Icon generation, debugging, method cloning between classes and other helpful features. You can use it with normal LV-OOP classes also!



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If you truly have no idea what OOP is but do at least know a fair amout about programming, try this first:


Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Concepts


Next I'd read up on National Instruments white papers.


LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming FAQ

LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming: The Decisions Behind the Design



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When i started getting into LV OOP this book was suggested to me and has proven quite useful.  Its great for getting started.


OOP Thought Process

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There are a few good webcasts for getting started, the one I linked below is my favorite.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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Thank you guys for your help

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