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Resize XY graph scrollbar

How do I resize dynamically XY graph X-scrollbar when the front panel is resized? I want the X-scrollbar to be of the same width as the graph itself. I didn't find any property for that and I just cannot beleave that the scroll bar is of fixed size. That would be so dum and LV is mostly quite well designed.

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Tomi Maila
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That's a good question. Nice to find that graph controls have still some mysteries.
The answer is :
I don't think that you can programmatically access the slide cursor. A work around will be to use an independent cursor to scroll the graph...
Chilly Charly    (aka CC)

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You can access the various Graph X controls in the vi.lib archive if you really want to change some features like how the scroll bars work. Take a back up copy though and play with that first as you can obviously screw up all your graphs if you implement something that you dont want. Best thing to do is just add the properites to the xctontrols so that you can modify them later yet not change the origianals.

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