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Resize Array in front Panel LABVEIW NXG

Hello everyone

how can i change the array size in front panel i don't mean the number of rows or columns but the size of displaying this array

i am making my project on 1920x1080 display but this array is big on 1280x720

i can change this in normal Labview but now how ? for controls a button or so on .. i can but for array i couldn't..

please help .. thanks

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I assume this is related to this discussion.


An array is just a container for controls/indicators, so if you make your colorbox smaller, the array will be smaller while displaying the same number of elements.


Stll for a 1280x720 array on a 1920x1080 display, the elements need to be smaller than two pixels unless you use scrollbars.

Maybe you should use an intensity graph instead.

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