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Resistance measurement using Keithley 6517B

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I am trying to measure the resistance using Keithley 6517B. I have modified the example that I downloaded from the NI driver page and added a voltage source in the code (I need to measure the resistance at a specific bias). I am new to LabView and I have come across several issues:


1. The code does not show the current measured value, instead it shows the value from previous measurement. It seems that I cant reset the buffer.

2. I would like to do 10 measurements with an interval of 10s and store the data. I guess a For Loop would be the best option with an a delay function.


I would greatly appreciate if someone has any feedback to resolve this issue.

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Code is attached.

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Accepted by topic author ponty2007
  • Figured it out.
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Hi ponty,


@ponty2007 wrote:
  • Figured it out.

Instead of marking "figured it out" as solution it would help others to provide a real solution...

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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I also have issues trying to measure resistance with a Keithley 6517A using the labview driver (with labview v2013)


When I use the VI Keithley 6517 Acquire the instrument never enter in OPER ON mode (no output) and I get an error 230 "stale data"


I tried to write a VI that kinda work, except not always and I don't understand why:

When I use the SENS:DATA:FRES? I understand that I should get a new measurement from the instrument, but this doesn't happen, and I get a timeout instead + error 230 stale data


If I change that part, and use a READ? command, then I get a correct measurement.


What is the difference? Could somebody explain?










Config VI:




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what was the solution for this?

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I'm trying to get the Keithly 6517b electrometer to test resistance while outputting 100 volts all controlled through LabVIEW. i can send and receive idn? request through ni max but i cant get any LabVIEW code to actually read data from the device. below is code using the included drivers for the 617b but all I get is an error return every time I try and run it. has anyone have any working code using this device that is usable? im using a rs272 cable for communication.

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I've looked into my directory and I did make a to play with the parameters for reading the keithley, here it is, I hope it can help


I've been doing other things recently, so I'm a bit out of it, but I recall that it was difficult to put the keithley into exactly the state that allowed it to measure correctly. I had to emulate the manual trigger on the front end, due to the bus-trig not working on RS232. I also had to modify slightly some VI from the keithley driver library, mainly to had some delays for the serial link to work correctly.


I'm sorry it's rather a bad code, it was written just to test how the thing worked, and I did make a formal application later (but I can't publish it here)


Good luck....





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