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Reset digital level during 'Pause Trigger'

I'm using an NI-USB-6356 (also have access to NI-USB-6259 but believe the same question/answer should apply) to communicate using SPI.


I've written a VI to take a boolean switch (to later be probably controlled via a queue) for the CS line, and output a SCK clock line.


The clock digital output is created by a 'CO Pulse Freq' counter output with continuous samples and implicit timing, and connecting to an oscilloscope shows an appropriately (and hopefully sufficiently) 5-0V square wave with good period.


The clock is gated using the boolean switch on the front panel, using a 'Digital Output' daqmx channel and a 'Pause Trigger' on the clock channel.


My problem occurs with the nature of the 'Pause', which, presumably, pauses. I want to have a predictable (re)start with the clock going from Low to High a specific delay after the boolean switch is toggled (or at least, after the CS line goes low). Instead, my clock resumes from it's previous state, which might be high, and I'd guess that the first period is just whatever remained when I clicked the button off and on.


Can I use some property to 'reset' my clock output each time it detects the pause trigger?



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