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Reset Ethernet on Optronis Camera

I am working with an Optronis high speed camera for which I have been supplied a set of LabVIEW VI talking to a common dll.


There is a VI called CAM_Reset.


If the program crashes, which it does a lot, when I attempt a reset, I get a response : 3 


3 means camera busy. 


Power cycling the camera does nothing.  I must close down and repopen LabVIEW.  At no point do I set the IP address, the IP address is hardcoded and the dll knows where to communicate once the camera has been set up, it possible that there is an initial search when first loaded if the IP has been changed on the cameras.


So basically, the camera is not initialised using a visible VISA control and it is done underneath the hood.  It appears LaBVIEW retains a dead reference and will not allow communication with the camera.  Is there anyway of listing this reference and killing it?




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