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Request for example MS Word Templates

Hello LabVIEW Community,


I am hoping to collect as many user examples of Microsoft Word templates that you are using in your applications. In LabVIEW NXG we have the ability to create Excel documents based off a template and we are researching what types of templates our customers are using in MS Word.


If you have an example of a MS Word template that you are using or would like to use, please either post it on this thread or send me a DM.




Jon S.
National Instruments
LabVIEW NXG Product Owner
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Maybe you could change the nomenclature in LabVIEW NXG for the Report Generation Toolkit and get rid of the misleading word "Template".  When you describe other forms of File I/O (such as Delimited Spreadsheet, Binary, or Text files), you refer to Filepath, Filename, or File, not "Template".  It is almost a Well-Kept Secret that you can use LabVIEW to read (and not even ever write) .xlsx files, pulling data from multiple Sheets and doing complex computations, all by wiring the existing data file to the "Template" input.


Why not help LabVIEW Users understand that the RGT can Read/Write a variety of "interesting" Reports?  It would require another change -- don't call it "Create Report" (because it might already be "created", and you are only going to read the Report), call it "Open Report" (which can apply almost equally to Reading, Writing, and Modifying).  True, this might come as a shock to Traditional LabVIEW Users ("How come we can't Open an Excel Spreadsheet?") (Answer -- "Of course you can, we just didn't change the name a second time, from "New Report" to "Create Report" to "Open Report").


I apologize for the Rant tone here.  I've got several significant routines that analyze Excel data, and have quitely advised Forum Users who want to do the same thing how easy it is, "just wire it to New/Create Report where it says Template".  But a Next Generation LabVIEW ("Out with the Old!") is a chance to make a (minor) Paradigm Shift ...


Bob Schor

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Click the File tab in the top menu.Click on New to start a new document.Word opens with a list of templates already available to use. Select a template and use it.

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I can't send you an exemple but I can tell I use Word sometimes for test report, and bookmarks to dynamically fill it.

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If you are wanting to create a Word document to use as a report, here is an easy way to do that. I am assuming that you don't need graphics in the report. Know that Microsoft Word can read HTML code. You can assemble your document with HTML code programmatically with LabVIEW and save it with the docx extension and Word will display it and print it if you need that. You will be able to use any formatting that HTML offers e.g. italics, bold, font size etc.

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I am not able to attached templet please help me oursainsburys

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