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Report generation

Hi All,


There is a VI available for creating a new report, Is there any VI available to open a report which is already present in some location.


My application,


Suppose on July 2nd I created a report and entered all data of which was executed on July 1st in excel file.

Now If i want to update the data of what all happened on July 2nd the next day i.e on July 3rd, I need to open the excel file and start updating the previously created excel file.


But In report generation there is no VI which accomplish this task of opening Excel file.


Thanks and Regards

Rohith M P

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Hi Rohith,

do you want to update only some values? I think normally you build the entire report. You can create a new one and save it with the old name.

If you need to update some values, then see this link

it shows how you can work with excel.



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