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Report generation, Excel isn't closed in the Task manager (LV2010)

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Hello everybody,

I attached a simple example, to explain my problem.


I tried (with Report generation) save data to Excel. That works fine. My problem is: in the Task Manager I can see the Excel.exe.


Does anybody have a idea or a solution, why Excel don't closed?

If I open and close the saved Excel file, the Excel.exe disappear in the Task manager. But this should not the way.


many thanks in advance






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Accepted by zäpfle

Hello zäpfle,


This is actually a known issue and already reported to NI R&D. As you mentioned, to solve this, you have to open and close the Excel report (with Word report everything seems to be fine). Since the task is closed just after the VI closes or open-and-close Excel, it seemed that not all references would close properly. The issue though isn't with properly closing the references, but rather deeper.  However, a possible workaround would be to programmatically end the process just after closing the reference to Excel.  Here is a link to a community example that demonstrates how to do just that:


Kill a task in Windows using System


Hope this helped. I am sorry for the inconvenience!


Kind regards,

Ioannis Karakatsanis

Applications Engineering

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Hello Ioannis K.

thank you very much for this  link.

It works.


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