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Report Generation Toolkit Error when using Insert Image - InlineShapes Error


I have created a very simple VI to insert an image then resize it in Word using the Report Generation Toolkit.


As soon as the code hits the invoke node for InlineShapes, it causes an error. Any clues to what this could be causing this?


My personal laptop works fine, but my Dell work laptops (without admin) don't work. Running Windows 10 and LabView 2019 SP1.


See attached code, error screenshots and NI support ZIP.


NI Support team so far can't help me. 

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Hello tca-adam,


It seems the problem in the OS itself.

What error you are getting?

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See the PNG image in my previous post for the error messages. i understand it is the O/S in some way, but I was hoping to at least identify why and how I can fix it. My company laptop is locked down so I need to tell our IT department what they need to do.

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If your code works on your personal laptop, but not your Dell work laptops, that suggests that something on the latter PCs is missing or not configured properly.  If you had sent a small "failing example", we could have tried it on our PCs -- if it works on multiple machines except for your Dell work laptops, that suggests someone needs to fix them.


Attach your VI(s) and we'll do some testing for you.


Bob Schor 

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All attached in my first message.

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My mistake -- the "example code" was so trivial I didn't think that it was really the code you wanted us to run (not even an Error Out ...).  As there was no attached Example Image, I guess that any Image would do, so I took another one downloaded from the Forum, ran your 2-VI routine, Word opened, had the Image, it was trivial to resize (by dragging the "resizing handles"), suggesting that the problem is not LabVIEW, Windows 10, or the PC, per se, but something possibly mis-installed, more likely LabVIEW, but possibly Microsoft Office.  I tested it with Office 2013 64-bit (I am not using Office 365 on this machine).


I think the problem is local to your PC and its software.


Bob Schor

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I agree that the problem is local to my PC, it is just a shame that a unique error code can't identify exactly what the underlying problem is. I need to be able to tell my IT department what they need to fix. 


I have attached some more screen shots to show exactly where the error first is seen in each Report Generation Toolkit VI.

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Does this happen with any Image that you try?  You've given us the code that seems to fail, but not the Image that is involved (I know this is grasping at straws, but before you say "I think my PC/installation of Office/installation of Windows is faulty", it would be good to know that your LabVIEW code with a particular data set works.


You might have also said this earlier, but could you please also provide the following:

  • Brief description of PC (e.g. "3-year-old Dell Laptop, Intel i5, x64 processor, 16 GB memory")
  • OS, including edition and version (e.g. "Windows 10 Professional, Version 1903")
  • Version of LabVIEW (e.g. "LabVIEW 2019-SP1, 32-bits")
  • Version of Word/Office (e.g. "Microsoft Office 365")

Bob Schor

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All requested info attached.


Yes it happens with any image I try.

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Thanks for the additional information.  There are still some unanswered questions, and some observations:

  • I have (successfully) used the RGT with Excel and to generate HTML.  I've never used it with Word, and am also less experienced with "behind-the-scenes" (ActiveX?) calls with Word.
  • Are you running 32-bit LabVIEW or 64-bit LabVIEW?  Again, my experience is only with 32-bit LabVIEW, which seems to be more "universal" than the 64-bit version (but that distinction may be going away ...).
  • I thought I noticed you were using 32-bit Office 365, which might make even more of a difference if you are using 64-bit LabVIEW ...

Sorry that, at the present time, I don't have "answers", only more questions.  I hope someone else who has experience with using the RGT to generate Word documents can make helpful comments.


Bob Schor

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