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Replication and Deployment Utility Error -2147220320

Hello Everyone, 


I am brand new to working in NI equipment, so please excuse my ignorance on most things NI with this question. 


We have an existing application image running on a cRIO-9063 controller. It is basically an ABS testing application that was written by someone else within my company. I have been asked to deploy this application on a new controller, and am running into an error from the Replication and Deployment utility. It's an older image (written around 2015) that I'm sending into an empty controller with no software, but I was told that using the RAD to deploy this image on a brand new controller will supply the OS, application and all required config to run the system. Any ideas on this error, or at a minimum is there a list of error codes from the RAD with troubleshooting advice?





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