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Replace row of 2D array In Place


Hello community,


I want to replace an row in 2D-array (at specific row index) by using In Place Element Structure. The 2D array contains a lot of data, so I don't want to use the replace array to prevent unnecessary copies.


Is there any way to use directly the Add Array Split / Replace Subarrays-functionality of In Place Element Structures? Normally Labview creates a copy of data if I use the replace array, is this different by using it in In Place Element Structure?


The attachment shows my current solution.

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Replace array subset function will not make a copy the array. If you see a dot with the "Show Buffer Allocation" tool, it's because you are initializing the array as a constant (LabVIEW will not expect to modify it). Because you are using the replace array subset function so array has to be modified, LabVIEW will make a copy of the array. Change the dimension size input of the Initialize array function to a control and the dot(copy) will go away.

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